Episode 64 – Inventing Kaladesh

What would Kaladesh be like? We are a bunch of imaginative people and get to inventing our own Kaladesh. Crazy and whacky ideas, why not?!?! Here’s hoping that some of that will actually come true.

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Power Nine Podcast

Welcome to the Power Nine Podcast.

We are your hosts, Mik and Nuno. Every fortnight, we sit down with friends and have a little chat about Magic: The Gathering and the things that have been happening to our favourite card game, across all formats of gameplay. Each episode, we’ll invite special guests over to talk about their love for the cards – who knows who might turn up at the table.

Mikail Lo is a level 1 judge form Singapore. He indulges in creating rogue decks be it any format, and spends most of his time playing standard or EDH/Commander.

Nuno Cunha is a level 1 judge from Portugal. He is very interested in MtG finance and is always on the lookout for new specs. Cube is his favourite format and is the proud owner of a 360-card creatureless cube.

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