Episode 3: Spoiler Season Begins!

Hello everyone and welcome back for another episode of the Power Nine Podcast! Hope you’ve had a good holiday break. We certainly did. But enough about that.

Fate Reforged is almost upon us, so we take the opportunity to look at the spoilers that have been released and talk about their potential. And boy do we see some potential. The new mechanics are sweet and it’s gonna make the next set pretty interesting.

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Episode 2: FNM, Commander and Spoiler Season Begins

Welcome back for episode 2 of the Power Nine Podcast. This week, we discuss the changes to FNM and what impact that it’ll have on organised play and possibly the tournament scene. We also take a look at the recent spoilers and make our guesses for what’s coming next. And finally, but definitely not least, we talk shop about commander and how Commander 2014 is impacting the way we play the format.

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Episode 0: Getting to Know You

Welcome to the first recording of the Power Nine Podcast, featuring your hosts, MiK and Nuno. Who are they? That’s a good question. So in this episode, we invite you to get to know us a little bit. Where we’re from, how we started playing Magic, our favourite cards, our deepest, darkest desires. Stuff like that. We’re so excited to share this with you. Stay tuned for episode 1 of the Power Nine Podcast!

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