Episode 1: World Magic Cup

Hello listeners! Welcome to the launch episode of the Power Nine Podcast. Our special guest this week is Baal, the one with the Burn deck.
So, last week, we saw the crowning of the Magic World Champions – Shahar Shenhar, who has now won the title twice and back to back no less, and the Danish team. Congratulations to them. We run down the deck lists and how they fared in the tournament.
That weekend itself, WoTC also announced the release of Modern Masters 2015 and spoiled two cards. We sit down to speculate on what’s going to be reprinted, and how it’s going to affect card prices and modern as a whole.

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Episode 0: Getting to Know You

Welcome to the first recording of the Power Nine Podcast, featuring your hosts, MiK and Nuno. Who are they? That’s a good question. So in this episode, we invite you to get to know us a little bit. Where we’re from, how we started playing Magic, our favourite cards, our deepest, darkest desires. Stuff like that. We’re so excited to share this with you. Stay tuned for episode 1 of the Power Nine Podcast!

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